Where doesthe donated dollar go?

Daily Living
Daily Living expenses go toward

clothing and diapers medical costs and personal hygiene products.

Feeding 80 children is no easy task. Money spent on food goes toward a balanced nutrition of grains, fruits vegetables and protein. Each meal costs an average of only $0.64 cents a meal!

In addition to nine teachers the Children’s Village also employs over 18 Haitian staff, including the orphanage director, a nurse, house moms, security guards, kitchen staff, supervisors and a groundskeeper. These influential adults play such an important role in the lives of these children.

Administrative Expenses

Administration expenses covers costs for thing like legal fees, government licenses and taxes, transportation, internet and office supplies.

Education expenses cover the costs of tuition for secondary school students, books and supplies, school uniforms and salary for teacher’s of the primary school.

Housing expenses cover cleaning supplies, electricity, furnishings, kitchen supplies, and maintenance and repair and water for washing during the dry season.