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The Okipe Children's Village is home to 84 orphans, but the school program includes more than 200 additional students from the community who otherwise could not afford an education.

While a school building has always been part of the plan, Okipe did not build a school before moving the children into a safer space they now call home. For the past 4 years, school has continued on the porches of the homes on site. While this is not ideal, the staff have made the most of what they have.

It's time for a change.

Property has been purchased and ground has been broken launching us into the next phase of the Children's Home. We are now helping Mme Soliette continue her dreams of building a school where she can continue providing quality education not only to her own children, but also to children in her surrounding community at an even higher level of excellence. 

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This new state of the art school will include 10 primary classrooms as well as a detached Kindergarten building allowing our teachers to thrive as they apply the new skills they are learning through our teacher training programs. 

The estimated costs for this project is: $180,000

The exciting part is that this project is being built by Haitians for Haitians by many of the talented staff trained by Extollo International that helped with the original Children's Village.

This school is being built directly behind the existing orphanage.


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