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"My vision is to build a professional school. After the children complete secondary school, I would like them to learn, sewing, plumbing, electricity and other things."

Mme Soliette

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One of the biggest gifts God has given us is when you send a child to take the government exam and they receive a grade of 90%.  That’s really something amazing. 


Osna has always been first or second in her class. She made 97% on the exam and in the Village she works hard and stays ahead of her class.


I can talk about her because she is always interested in school.  In the village, she helps care for the younger children by combing and braiding hair. She does her chores willingly.

Mme Soliette

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Help us build a school for 300+ children investment in knowledge

pays the best interest...

-Benjamin franklin

Make a difference today!

"We are able to help the children in the neighborhood whose parents can’t afford to pay for schooling."  

Mme Soliette


The Okipe school educates 310 children every day.  It is run by a staff of 22 primary and secondary teachers and 4 kindergarten teachers. 

"We ask all of the children from the neighborhood for  10 gourdes each day. Many of the children do that but there are some families who can’t do even that. Most who can give do so monthly.  


Most of the children come to school hungry, they have headaches, stomach aches and are very sleepy. The main problem the children have is hunger. You can’t teach children who are hungry.  We must feed them a hot meal."

Mme Soliette

It's time for a change.

Property has been purchased and ground has been broken launching us into the next phase of the Children's Home. We are now helping Mme Soliette continue her dreams of building a school where she can continue providing quality education not only to her own children, but also to children in her surrounding community at an even higher level of excellence. 

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This new state of the art school will include 10 primary classrooms as well as a detached Kindergarten building allowing our teachers to thrive as they apply the new skills they are learning through our teacher training programs. 

The exciting part is that this project is being built by Haitians for Haitians by many of the talented staff trained by Extollo International that helped with the original Children's Village.

This school is being built directly behind the existing orphanage.


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