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End Of year giving 2022

As the year 2022 comes to a close, we at Okipe, the US non-profit organization that supports the orphanage, want to give you an update on Mme Soliette and the orphans at the Children’s Village in La Gonave, Haiti. This year has been challenging for many around the world. The global pandemic has continued, inflation rates have caused financial hardship, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused many to relocate, the gang violence in Haiti has caused many to feel hopeless, and so much more. Despite all the difficulties, we continue to thank God for His protection and provision over Mme Soliette, the children, and the staff in Haiti.

Mme Soliette is an incredible lady who has a dream to provide and care for the orphans of Haiti. She is resourceful and selfless. There have been months this past year where we have not been able to transfer all of the regular monthly funds. This did not stop Mme Soliette from providing food, clothes, and an education to her children. Even on months where we did not have the full amount of funds to send her, she always found a way to make ends meet, even if that meant she had to use some of her personal money to get by. We also recognize this provision to be from God, in which we are thankful.

Mme Soliette and the 70 children in her care still need us. Just last month, a government worker dropped off 9 new children in Mme Soliette's care, one of which is a baby. With these nine new children comes more responsibility, more mouths to feed, more bodies to clothe, and more children to educate. This is not an easy task, especially when Haiti is in a state of crisis right now. Gangs are taking over. Violence is everywhere. The ports are closed, which means fuel and food are hard to come by, and what's left is very expensive to purchase.

Due to the shortages and the rising costs in Haiti, $6500 per month only goes so far for 70 children, house moms, and teachers. We need your help to be able to continue to provide for Mme Soliette in 2023. Would you consider joining the Village? For only $25 each month in 2023, you can make a difference for this orphanage in Haiti. You could also give a one-time gift if monthly giving does not work for you. You can give on our website at

Please prayerfully consider contributing to life in Haiti. Life is hard, but with many people coming together, we can make life easier for Mme Soliette and the orphans in her care. Thank you!

A Big Thank you from mme Soliette, all the children and the okipe team


Journey of a Yes

Have you seen our "Journey of a Yes" film yet which tells the amazing story of Mme Soliette's journey into the new village?

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1 Comment

Aaron Dowds
Aaron Dowds
Jan 22, 2023

Great post thank you Amy 🙏

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