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Your gifts arrive in Haiti

The past two years have been extremely difficult for the country of Haiti and Mme Soliette and the children of the Village have experienced great hardship along with the rest of Haiti. A few months ago, we, the OKIPE committee, appealed to many of you for help to fill needs in the children’s lives; shoes, schoolbooks, cooking oil, charcoal for cooking, laundry soap. Many were attending school with very well-worn shoes that were too large or too small, their teachers were attempting to teach with very few books, food prices were skyrocketing.

We asked and you gave! You lightened the burden Mme Soliette carries each day. She and the children sends a huge Merci for your love and generosity in their time of need.

Here's some video and photos of the items you purcahsed - thank you.

A Big Thank you from mme Soliette, all the children and the okipe team


Journey of a Yes

Have you seen our "Journey of a Yes" film yet which tells the amazing story of Mme Soliette's journey into the new village?

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